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Certified Hand Therapy Services, LLC

(720) 845- 0001

Specializing in Custom Splinting/Orthosis Fabrication and Fitting

If you’re suffering from any pre- or post-operative pain, Mitzi Harrison of Certified Hand Therapy Services, LLC is here to help. I specialize in the treatment of shoulder, elbow, wrist, and hand conditions, including: 


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Mitzi is a musician herself, and specializes in ergonomic assessment and intervention for musicians. She specializes in educating/ training, preventing, and managing musical practice/ performance related injuries and concerns. She applies a customized approach based on individual patient's specific instrument and body mechanics. Mitzi prioritizes ergonomics and injury avoidance.

Emily is a rock climber and is  pursuing her PHD to fill the research gap which exists for treatment protocols pertaining to rock climbers. Our clinic is set up to simulate climbing for ergonomic assessment. Emily specializes in pulley tears and pulley ring fabrication, and has been distributing custom return to climb protocols tailored to individual patients. If Emily could tell every climber one thing, it would be to stretch the long and short tendons in our hands before and after climbing. 

Mitzi Harrison, PT/CHT

I have been a PT, Certified Hand Therapist for more than 34 years. I lived and worked in the San Francisco Bay Area for 28 years where I established a thriving outpatient physical and occupational therapy business. After selling that business, I relocated to Colorado to be closer to family and my home state, Wyoming.

Currently, I live in Longmont, Colorado and established my hand therapy practice in Boulder, Colorado. I have a close working relationship with many of the top surgeons in and around the Front Range and the Denver Metro area.

In addition to my hand therapy practice, I continue to work as a consultant in the field of hand therapy in the San Francisco Bay Area.

I am a Certified Ergonomic Assessment Specialist, a Certified Specialist in Functional Assessment, and an APTA-Credentialed Clinical Instructor. I am a specialist in custom fabrication of splints/orthoses for the hand and upper extremity.

Emily Hartnett, MOTR/L

I am a registered and licensed occupational therapist. I graduated from Quinnipiac University in Hamden, Connecticut, with my Bachelor’s in Health Science in May of 2017 and Master’s in Occupational Therapy in January of 2019. I have since focused my career on the hand and upper extremities. I took several continuing education courses since then, including two to perfect my skillset in custom splinting and one to become certified in the use of physical agent modalities, including ultrasound and cold laser.

I trained initially with Mitzi and learned manual upper extremity techniques directly from her. I continued my training by working collaboratively with three other CHTs and an experienced hand surgeon in the Bay Area of California at a hand therapy clinic where I gained extensive experience with post- operative conditions, including cubital and carpal tunnel releases, trigger finger releases, ligament reconstruction and tendon interpositions (LRTI), tendon repairs, and epicondylitis debridements.

I returned to the Boulder area in June to join Mitzi’s practice and continue on the Certified Hand Therapy track and prepare for the CHT exam under her expertise. I am currently pursuing a PHD in occupational therapy to further increase my knowledge and research pertaining to the upper extremities, and am registered to become a Certified Lymphedema and Wound Therapist during the winter of next year. My clinical interests include working with patients of all ages, including pediatrics, and facilitating patients’ return to their preferred lifestyle. 


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