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Certified Hand Therapy Services, LLC

(720) 845- 0001


At Certified Hand Therapy Services, LLC in Boulder, Colorado, we treat conditions affecting the shoulder, elbow, wrist and hand, including pre- and post-surgical conditions.

Although the majority of our patients come to us by physician referral, you are able to make an appointment for an evaluation without a physician's prescription. We are preferred provider for most of the major insurance carriers and we also accept cash pay patients.



 Mitzi can custom fabricate functional splints for patients. This includes fabricating the splint in functional positions, such as holding the handlebars of your bike (pictured on the left), gripping your sea- kayak paddle, playing your violin (pictured on our home page), or chopping with your kitchen knife.

Testimonials regarding hand therapy and function:

We’ve been so impressed with how skilled Mitzi is at providing just the right tools for each patient’s unique functional needs. She made it so much easier for our daughter to continue enjoying our family vacation, practice driving, ease back into swimming, and make so much progress on range of motion. Thank you so much for the custom solutions and speedy progress! Mitzi came highly recommended from a family friend and now we know why! -

~Jenna R.

"My osteoarthritis was impacting my ability to knit. I brought my knitting into therapy and completed an evaluation while knitting. I didn't know someone could evaluate how I was knitting and make suggestions to make it more comfortable, but Mitzi did!"

~ Julie

Patient Testimonial: 

My hands are everything to me. Mitzi and her staff have been miracle workers in keeping me climbing, kayaking, and playing competitive golf. And now they crafted a thumb splint that has enabled me to paddle for hours a day on my multi- week sea- kayaking expeditions in Baja, California. And when I'm back home I am able to do all the projects around the house with minimal pain. I am indebted to the hand whisperer Mitzi.

Patient Testimonial: